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Ruckus SZ-100/vSZ 3.X AP Management License


AP management license for SZ-100/vSZ 3.X, 1 Ruckus AP access point.

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Scalable and resilient controller

  • Supports up to 1,024 APs and 25,000 clients per device
  • With 3 1 active clustering, support up to 3,000 APs and 60,000 clients with full redundancy
  • Easy-to-monitor network stats with up to 30 days of AP and client data storage.


  • 10 Gbps data throughput per node for next-generation 11ac networks
  • Control/management and data delivered separately through dedicated redundant ports ensuring optimal performance

Simple to use

  • The web-based configuration wizard configures an entire WLAN in minutes.
  • ZoneFlex APs auto-discover the SZ100.
  • Flexible and scalable data forwarding options work with any network topology

Cloud-based licensing

  • Simple set up, cloud-based license management
  • Lower your TCO by buying licenses in 1-AP increments (avoids wasted seats in tiered licensing scheme)
  • Licenses are freely and easily migrated to other SmartZone systems if network requirements change
  • Shared licenses across cluster; no need to purchase licenses twice

Ruckus Watchdog Service:

  • Partner WatchDog Premium support is purchased by Ruckus qualified VARs who provide level 1 & 2 support. Level 3 support is provided by Ruckus.
  • WatchDog Premium support can be purchased by customers from authorized partners. Support is directly provided by Ruckus.
  • WatchDog AP Advanced Hardware Replacement is a separate support option that can be used by either customer or partners requiring advanced replacement.

Ruckus Watchdog Support Package:

Watchdog Services
Ruckus SmartZone 100