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Ruckus ZoneFlex T301s


ZoneFlex T301s, 120×30 deg, Outdoor 802.11ac 2×2:2, 120 degree sector, dual band concurrent access point, one ethernet port, PoE input includes adjustable mounting bracket and one year warranty. , Does not include PoE injector.
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Internal Narrow Beam Antenna Technology

  • 30° narrow beam or 120° sectorized antennas for very high-density deployments in arenas, stadiums, airports, etc.
  • Up to 10 dB of implicit interference mitigation
  • The antennas are integrated into the T301 Series APs for a minimal form factor which is essential in many deployments

Ideal for High-density locations

  • Narrow beam antennas are ideal for high-density venues where RF energy must be very narrowly focused

Hardened enclosure for harsh outdoor environments

  • IP-67 water and dustproof plastic enclosure with flexible wall or pole mounting options

Additional information

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions19.5 × 23.9 × 11 cm

Ruckus Watchdog Service:

  • Partner WatchDog Premium support is purchased by Ruckus qualified VARs who provide level 1 & 2 support. Level 3 support is provided by Ruckus.
  • WatchDog Premium support can be purchased by customers from authorized partners. Support is directly provided by Ruckus.
  • WatchDog AP Advanced Hardware Replacement is a separate support option that can be used by either customer or partners requiring advanced replacement.

Ruckus Watchdog Support Package:

Watchdog Services
Ruckus ZoneFlex AP T301 series